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Before the Coaching

We start with an exploration of the individual (self-awareness) and his/her context to ensure there is a strong connection between the coach, the coachee and his/her environment. (‘To whom are you connected?’ ‘Who are you and Where are you? What are the organization objectives?). Using specific questionnaires can gather the necessary information to get a benchmark and provide input to the goals and objectives of the coaching.

During the coaching

We then filter down into the next stage to get commitment to the common goals for the coaching activity (‘Where do you want to be/need to be in a year’s time/ what do you need?’). From here the rest of the coaching activity is focused on identifying, spreading and amplifying competences, actions and a range of best practices. And finally ensuring continuity of the learning by creating positive habits for the future.


During this process and at the end of each coaching session, coaches and coachees record the actions or reflections which have been identified. This means that the progress of the coaching can be easily tracked. Confidentiality will of course be always respected.


Actions are then reviewed in the next coaching session so that coachees are empowered to integrate their insights & learnings from the coaching session into their daily work – where the “work” happens. In this way both the coach and coachee are able to evaluate progress and effectiveness in a rigorous and focused way.


We understand there is no one tool/methodology which fits this approach and therefore we have an extensive library of methods, tools and practices which fit within the consortium coaching approach/philosophy and which our coaches select from to support the coaching assignment. Each stage of the coaching approach is linked to certain tools, methodologies and practices.


However, we would like to stress that the methodology is a servant to the approach and is only applied if the coach believes it will help move the coachee forward. In our experience the key to successful coaching is the relationship and the power of listening and questioning.

After the coaching – Evaluation

During the last coaching session, the coach takes the Coachee through a confidential evaluation which reviews the objectives and reflects upon the learnings of the coaching.  In the Evaluation there is a celebration of the coaching journey.  The coachee can choose to share this with the organisation as they decide.  Our Evaluation is based on the Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels and examines participant reactions, learning, behavioural change and the impact of that behaviour change.  This can then be shared with the organisation at the coachee’s discretion.

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