Meet GreenHouse Group

Our strength and passion is helping leaders to build a better society to live in.

Our values

Here are some of the little things...

Winning partnerships.

Public sector institutions do more, quicker and better with us. We’re reliable, reputable and reactive.


A helping hand in changing times.

In the most challenging times yet, we adapt to new needs. Organisations just like you rely on us to help them achieve what was not possible before in the new society we live in.


Diverse people. Diverse solutions.

Friendly and courageously different. Our strength is our diversity. We think you’ll like working with us just as much as we do.

...that we think make a big contribution.

Intuition and calculation.

Not all strategy is planning. Not all culture is emergent. Our co-creation process customises the right blend for your specific goals. And that’s just the beginning.


Securing the partnership

Robust processes, customer satisfaction and rigorous security, backed up by ISO certification. It’s our way of signalling our commitment to quality.


Learning constantly. Sharing what we know.

Smart ideas for the future, proven methods of the past, and some little-known secrets. Because we’re passionate about sharing what we do, and helping you do better.


Pauline Graystone



Pauline is one of the founding members of the GreenHouse Group.
Her focus is on the pedagogical and business development
aspects of the company. She is British and has lived in Belgium for
20 years, working in private- and public-sector organisations. As
well as running the courses, her focus is on maximising the
potential of others through coaching, facilitating and training in all
areas of leadership.

Sofia Pinheiro



Sofia is a Director at the GHG. She is in charge of the daily running
of business and oversees all projects, business development,
operations and finances, etc. Sofia is Portuguese and has a
background working in international environments since 1998 and
is also an ICF-certified coach. She is passionate about helping
people to grow, achieve their goals and release their own

José Simões

Logistics Consultant


José is responsible for all things logistics, as well as for invoicing
certain projects. Solving problems is part of what he loves doing.
José is a former marine and forest engineer from Portugal who
has been living in Belgium for 10 years.

William Gandemer

EU Coaching Projects Consultant


Along with managing certain EU and International Public Sector coaching projects, William supports the
directors in their day-to-day tasks ranging from business
development to communications and event planning. A bilingual
(EN/FR) TCA (Third Culture Adult), William grew up abroad before
settling down in multicultural Brussels where he feels quite at
home. His academic and professional background is in European
politics and he is currently completing a course in psychology.

Colette Kwong Hing

Accounting and Invoicing Consultant


Colette is responsible for all the incoming and outgoing invoices at
GHG, plus the very important job of payments to all our trainers!
Colette is originally from Canada, but has lived in Brussels for 28
years and is a fully-fledged Dutch-/French-speaking Belgian.

Kaisa Salmi

EU Training Project Coordination Consultant

Johanna Saarentalo-Vuorimaki

EU Training Project Coordination Consultant

Dale Coulter

Pedagogical and Business Development Consultant


Helene Corticelli

EU Coaching Projects Consultant


Laurent Jeandin

EU Coaching Projects Consultant


Valerie Brookes

Accounting and Invoicing Consultant

Rita Casanova

EU Training Project Coordination Consultant


We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, and have been since 2008. In practical terms, this means we guarantee quality through systems and processes that meet the needs of our diverse customer base. With our proven approach to quality we are able to manage and deliver major development projects.


Our service to you does not stop at quality. It extends to security and privacy. Find out data protection policy here where we spell out the GDPR measures we take to secure the partnership.

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