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Mass appeal. Personal resonance. Over three decades of success could be why so many public sector organisations continue to count on us as a trusted leadership resource.

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Identity, authenticity, clarity. Implausibly so. Discover some of the big ideas that drive our programmes.

1. The leader you show up as

The incredible thing about leadership is that it’s sensitive to your context. Which means that there’s no one wrong way to lead a team. Getting it right though means turning up with just enough authenticity, emotional openness and resilience. So, when the pressure is on, your team can deliver results for the organisation. Our customised 3-day programmes combine immersive team coaching with discovery workshops. Unmask authenticity and identify with a focus on beliefs, behaviours, effective communication, emotional openness, and resilience. Not the first ever programme dedicated to these, but it’s the only one we’ve found that’s truly transformative.

2. Solidarity and resilience

In the most challenging times yet, support with changes and upheavals is finally here. Cushion the impact of setbacks and rebound from failures, like a spring. With everyone, everywhere you go, only now with more space to create and innovate.

And with first-beat technology, you get insights into your activity and stress levels. Which means you can introduce new and sustainable habits and literally see the impact.

3. The most out of each other that we can get

We live in times of technological, demographic, climatic and pandemic change. And the only good time for leaders to act on these is now. But with decreasing resources & increased efficiencies, getting the best out of people has never been more important.


There’s no one right recipe for engaging a diverse and increasingly dispersed team. But we find the same four high-quality ingredients in many successful leaders. Trusting first, enabling performance, creating shared purpose and igniting creativity.


Just enough cutting-edge thinking is baked in, too. So you always know you’re using tried-and-tested ideas.

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