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GreenHouse Group makes a difference by providing support to managers and teams, we can help organizations to shape a culture where people are valued, motivated and equipped to develop and deliver excellent results. Through our approach,  GreenHouse Group can help organizations to strategies and implement plans to ensure fully inclusive, caring environments where talent can thrive.

What is driving managers and teams to seek support?

While having a well-crafted strategy is essential, it is often not enough to ensure success in today’s rapidly changing environment. To make their strategies work, organizations must adopt new behaviours and ways of working that support their goals. Find out below how GreenHouse Group has helped managers and teams to do this.

Organisational Transformation

In the aftermath of a recent reorganization, a large financial institution found itself struggling to adapt to its new structure. Despite significant investment in training and communication efforts, the new teams were not gelling, and there was a lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities. Leaders recognized that there was a need for additional support to help staff fully embrace their new positions and develop new processes to support the change.


To address these challenges, management engaged the services of a GreenHouse Group. Through a combination of workshops, coaching, and team-building exercises, the consultancy worked closely with the company’s leadership to help staff develop the skills and capabilities needed to thrive in their new roles.


With the consultancy’s support, the new teams were able to co-design new processes that better aligned with the institutions goals, enabling them to work together more effectively and efficiently. By providing targeted training and support, the consultancy helped the organization to bridge the gap between the old way of doing things and the new reality of the reorganization.


As a result of these efforts, the company saw a significant improvement in team performance and engagement. With a more collaborative and empowered workforce, the company was able to realise the full benefits of the reorganization and position itself for future success in a rapidly changing environment. This case study serves as a powerful example of the importance of ongoing support and development in times of organizational change.

Cultural Change

In a mid-sized public agency, tensions had been building within a team, leading to conflict and a general sense of unease. Both managers and staff members reported feeling a lack of cohesion, which was impacting the team’s productivity and morale. Recognizing the urgent need to strengthen relationships and improve communication, the organization engaged the services of a team coaching consultant.


GreenHouse Group began by conducting interviews with all team members, with a focus on understanding their perspectives and concerns. From these conversations, the consultant identified several key issues, including a lack of trust and a feeling that some team members were not being heard.


To address these challenges, GreenHouse Group facilitated a series of team coaching sessions designed to create a safe and supportive environment where team members could share their thoughts and feelings openly. Through a combination of exercises, group discussions, and individual coaching, the team was able to build stronger relationships and develop a greater sense of trust and respect for one another.


As a result of this process, the team began to function more effectively and efficiently, with better communication and a renewed sense of purpose. By providing a space where all voices could be heard and encouraging team members to take responsibility for their own behaviours and attitudes, the team coaching sessions helped to transform the team’s culture and build a foundation for future success.


This case study demonstrates the power of team coaching in addressing tension and conflict within organisations. By creating an environment where people feel listened to and valued, organizations can build stronger, more cohesive teams that are better equipped to navigate the complex challenges of today’s business landscape.

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