Transform Your Leadership Through Change-Oriented Coaching

Our coaching programmes are designed to help managers thrive in the paradoxes they face and promote awareness of differences to leverage them in the workplace. Our coaching is focused on building capacity to inspire others, while remaining results-oriented and stakeholder-focused. Managers face complex challenges, and our coaching program is designed to help them navigate those challenges with greater ease and confidence.


At its core, coaching is a change process. Our coaching program is focused on helping managers abandon existing beliefs, behaviours, and routines that are no longer serving them or the team. This is not an easy process, but it is essential for growth and development as a leader. Our coaching program is designed to support in this process, helping build the ability to embrace change and the ability to build a change capacity in the team.

In research conducted by GreenHouse Group on the key success factors for managerial coaching success, over 75% of managers surveyed cited chemistry, personality and sensitivity as vital.


Coaching Process Highlights

Starting the coaching process requires a deep understanding of the individual and their context to establish a strong connection between the coach, the coachee, and their environment. Our approach ensures that the coaching process is tailored to the coachee’s specific needs and circumstances, setting them up for success. Find out how below.

  • Finding the right fit

    We start the coaching process by getting to the heart of your objectives. When you request coaching, we send you a questionnaire to help match you with the right coach. Based on your responses, we create two personalized coach recommendations. You choose the coach that best fits your needs and circumstances, whether that’s through reviewing a CV or having a virtual chemistry session call. Our goal is to ensure that you have the right coach to help you achieve your specific business objectives.

  • Defining the objectives

    When defining objectives for coaching, it’s important to get everyone on the same page. Our approach involves a tripartite discussion between the coachee, their manager, and possibly HR, to analyze and evaluate objectives. These may include signing off on a coaching agreement and developing an initial personal development plan (PDP). By aligning goals and expectations, we ensure a focused and effective coaching process that drives business success.

  • Starting the change process

    To ensure a focused and productive coaching experience, GreenHouse Group recommends sessions lasting between 1.5-2 hours, depending on your specific objectives. We believe in setting clear and measurable objectives for each session, such as reconnecting with the management team or building a performing team in turbulent times.

    Throughout the coaching process, we regularly monitor your progress towards these objectives to ensure that you stay on track and achieve your desired outcomes.

  • Measuring progress

    GreenHouse Group’s coaching process is designed to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in achieving your goals. We monitor and control the quality of our coaching services to quickly address any potential issues. To measure success, we assess progress against original objectives using scale questions such as, “How happy are you with the results you attained?” Progress is then reviewed and actions are stored in the coachee’s personal development plan. Finally, in the last coaching session, we conduct a confidential evaluation to celebrate your coaching journey and reflect upon your learnings. You can choose to share this evaluation with your organization as you see fit.

  • Closing out

    We take a practical approach to coaching that delivers results. We don’t just talk in abstract terms. Instead, we review progress against objectives, develop an action plan, and determine the support required with your N+1 and coachee. This is all documented in our coaching PDP form, ensuring that you stay on track to achieve your goals. Additionally, we provide reinforcement for continuing learning through short, targeted support that focuses on specific leadership-related topics.